Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Deluxe
Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Deluxe
Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Deluxe

Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Deluxe

105.00 CHF

Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Deluxe contains 234 beautifully silkscreen printed Animal Meeples and thus offers an even more authentic game experience. The Deluxe version is Kickstarter-exclusive, which is only available here for a limited amount of time.

In Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game, 1-4 players compete to build the most recognized zoo. In this strategic and thematic board game, each player has the freedom to develop their own zoo with 34 species, food booths, zoo shops and many more attractions. However, the goal is to find the right balance between Popularity and Conservation. (Contains all Kickstarter-exclusive components and Stretch Goals)

Late Pledge - Delivery September 2023

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Element 4

For 1-4 players, ages 13+, 120-180 minutes.

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Over 230 silkscreen-printed, wooden meeples are in the game that represent the 22 main species.

Element 6

Fully translated into German and English. PDF-rulebooks in additional languages will be available for download.

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Get the Deluxe Kickstarter version with all the exclusive components while it is available. 

Element 5

High quality components produced from FSC-certified paper/cardboard/wood; 100% Carbon neutral.


3.5 kg


37 x 27 x 8 cm


English, German


FSC-certified, 100% Carbon neutral


Large Cards (93) 

Small Cards (25)

Zoo Market Board + Sheet (1)

Scoring Board (1)

Zoo and Staff Boards (4)

Cardboard tiles (336)

Wooden animal meeples silkscreen-printed on both sides (234)

Additional wooden components (444)

Wooden dice (6)

Cloth bag (1)

Rule book (1)


Made in China, Designed in Switzerland


Johanna Tarkela, Matthieu Martin, Nina Pommelin, Rozenn Grosjean, Victor Sales


Marc Dür, Samuel Luterbacher


Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game © 2022 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft, Zoo Tycoon, the Zoo Tycoon logo, and Xbox Games Studios Publishing are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Watch the zoo of your dreams come true, right in front of you.



"Right now, this is an excellent game that gives me a strong feeling of managing a zoo. (…) I really enjoy this experience."

- 4 out of 5 -



"In the right player group, Zoo Tycoon has a cult potential of a very good 8 out of 10 points in my eyes. (...) Well, and the game is a feast for the eyes to boot."


"It’s very good… very good. If you like euro games, where you are planning things out and are taking the opportunity to really get the most points per play, you are gonna love this game."



The Rule explanation video explains all rules of the game in detail and thus enables an easy entry into the first round (without reading the rule book). On top of that, the rulebook of Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game will be translated into many additional languages, which will be available for free download. 


Johanna Tarkela

Same with our two previous projects, Johanna was once more our lead artist on the project “Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game” and we couldn’t be happier with this decision. With her realistic drawing skills, she brought the cover to life and fantastically portrayed the animals. Professional, talented, and fast are the words that describe her best. It was a big honor to work with her and we certainly strive to work with her on future projects again. 

Johanna Tarkela adusted