The Wildlife Collection – Nr. 1 Tropical Treetops
The Wildlife Collection – Nr. 1 Tropical Treetops
The Wildlife Collection – Nr. 1 Tropical Treetops
The Wildlife Collection – Nr. 1 Tropical Treetops

The Wildlife Collection – Nr. 1 Tropical Treetops

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“Tropical Treetops” is the first puzzle of the “Wildlife Collection” and shows the great variety of colorful animal species that live in the tropical treetops. All jigsaw puzzles from the "Wildlife Collection" together form one large artwork, celebrating the beauty of wildlife.

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Element 3

Premium quality 1000 piece puzzle.

Element 2

Contains a large insert sheet on which all animal species are listed with their name and conservation status.

Element 1

The illustrations are hand-drawn by the legendary artist John Francis.

Element 5

High quality components produced from FSC certified cardboard; 100% Carbon neutral.

0.8 kg each


37 x 27 x 5.4 cm

Dimensions box

68 x 48 cm

Dimensions Puzzles


1000-piece jigsaw puzzle

Insert sheet with animal species list

English, German, French and Spanish all in one


FSC certified, 100% Carbon neutral


John Francis


Made in Germany, Designed in Switzerland



The story behind the Wildlife Collection

The Endangered Species Collection is a new series of jigsaw puzzles which fully focuses on endangered species in their natural habitat. The puzzles draw attention to the beautiful nature of our blue planet that is worth protecting. Tropical Rainforest is the starting point of the Endangered Species Collection. With her almost photorealistic drawing style, Justine Lee Hirten succeeded in skillfully capturing the beauty and fragility of the tropical rainforest. "Nr. 2 The World Map" was created by 9 artists and shows our planet from a whole new perspective. The world map is filled with over 380 endangered species to discover. "Nr. 3 Temperate Forest" was drawn by Gaia Sorrentino and portraits many well-known animal species from the temperate forests.


John Francis

John Francis is a true jigsaw puzzle legend. His hand-drawn paintings have an unsurpassed precision. He is a wildlife art genius and has drawn countless famous jigsaw puzzles over decades that have been sold worldwide. It has been a great honor for us to be in contact with him and to be able to bring back his fantastic Wildlife Collection. 

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Thank you to all backers

The Wildlife Collection is not only the creation of our team, but also

to a significant extent the work of 500 wonderful people

that supported us on Kickstarter.