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P'achakuna is a smart, 2-player gaming experience on a unique, modular board. Both players follow their own paths on the same board but are never completely separated from each other. The rules of the game are easy to learn and allow a quick and uncomplicated start. However, the depth of the game and the high replay value should not be underestimated. (Contains all Kickstarter exclusive components and Stretch Goals)

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Element 4

Unique 2-player experience, ages 8+, 30-60 minutes.

Element 1

Colorfully illustrated, modular board with many hidden details.

Element 6

The rules are easy to learn. Fully translated into German and English, 7 additional languages available for download.

Element 8

Each game comes with an authentic fabric bag, made in Bolivia.

Element 5

High quality components produced from FSC certified paper/cardboard/wood; 100% Carbon neutral.

1.25 kg


20.5 × 20.5 × 7 cm


English and German together in one version


100% Carbon neutral


Terrain tiles (54): 24 neutral tiles, 15 mostly mountainous and 15 mostly flat tiles

White village tile (1)

Frame pieces (6)

Demands (42)

Authentic Bolivian fabric bag (1)

Resources (57, Wood): 8 pieces per color, 7 colors, 1 brown

Black llamas (3, Wood)

White llamas (3, Wood)

Rocks (3, Wood)

Assembly plan with two alternative set-up (1)

Double-sided stickers for the Terrain Tiles (60)


Made in Germany, Designed in Switzerland


Johanna Tarkela


Moreno Vogel, Stefan Kraft



P'achakuna takes you on a journey in the heart of the Andes.



I myself would consider this almost a showcase piece. If you have it in your home, you wanna brag about this beautiful cover art. You wanna set it up on the table and have it ready for someone to sit down and play.


Danny, Board Game Sanctuary

P’achakuna is a gorgeously crafted two-player board game that perfectly fits in any family board game collection.

P'achakuna follows its principle of sustainability from the game idea to the material and creates an exciting duel.

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The short video summarizes the most important rules of the game and thus enables an easy entry into the first round. On top of that, the rulebook of P’achakuna has been translated into multiple languages and is available for free download. You will also find the Assembly plan (A/B) for printing in case you need a new one.


Hi, we are the designers behind P’achakuna. We are students studying Game Design at Zurich University of the Arts. One time in 2019, we got together and, over the course of one semester, created the initial prototype for P’achakuna. We enjoyed figuring out how to make a simple game mechanical, engaging, and fun and are really happy about the result. Thus, we are very excited to see it realized by Treeceratops.

Stefan Kraft und Moreno Vogel

Moreno und Stefan


Johanna is the artist behind all artistic parts of P'achakuna. She has illustrated both the fantastic cover image and the detailed board. This is exactly where one of Johanna's greatest strengths lies, as she is incredibly versatile in her drawing skills. That she moves so playfully and easily in all these different fields of illustration shows her enormous talent. Moreover, the collaboration with her was flawless. Johanna brings in her own ideas, communicates openly, takes feedback seriously and implements it skillfully. That is why we will strive to work with Johanna again in the future.

Johanna Tarkela

Johanna Tarkela adusted

Thank you to all backers

"P'achakuna" is not only the creation of our team, but also

to a significant extent the work of 4,588 wonderful people

that supported us on Kickstarter.