Darwin's Choice
Darwin's Choice
Darwin's Choice
Darwin's Choice

Darwin's Choice

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Darwin's Choice is a strategic card game for 2-6 players, which is fully dedicated to the concept of evolution. The game mechanics behind Darwin's Choice require tactical/strategic thinking and give you a good understanding of evolution. But first and foremost, it is great fun.

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Element 4

For 2-6 players, ages 10+, 60-120 minutes

Element 1

All illustrations in the game are hand-drawn, including 292 unique cards and 248 chips.

Element 6

Fully translated into German and English, 14 additional languages available for download. Child-friendly rules (7+) included.

Element 8

Darwin’s Choice is the most successful Swiss game on Kickstarter with 5’092 backers from two Kickstarter campaigns.

Element 5

High quality components produced from FSC certified paper/cardboard; 100% Carbon neutral.

1.25 kg


20.5 × 20.5 × 7 cm


English, German


FSC certified, 100% Carbon neutral


Small Animal Cards (135)

Large Animal Cards (102)

Biome Cards (22)

Event Cards (16)

Overview Cards (12)

Continental Cards (5)

Darwin Points (102)

Competition Chips (6)

Food Chips (62)

Continental Chips (5)

Start Player Marker (1)

Player Markers (72)

Rule Book (1)


Made in Germany, Designed in Switzerland


Rozenn Grosjean


Marc Dür, Samuel Luterbacher, Elio Reinschmidt



Create your own species and guide them through the ever-changing eras.


Danny, Board Game Sanctuary

“Darwin’s Choice has well and truly changed my view of this particular type of genre and theme. And I think it makes for such an immersley fun game.”


Jonathan Estis, Roll for Crit

"It's extremely entertaining to create all kinds of crazy creatures from a variety of different animal parts especially with the beautiful artwork included on the cards."

Dale Yu, The Opinionated Gamers

“The artwork is gorgeous, and the way that the animal part cards fit together is a sight to see. I definitely enjoy looking at the various chimera as they evolve on the board, and we always have fun coming up with inventive names for our animals.”



The rulebook of “Darwin’s Choice ” has been translated into 14 languages and is available for free download.


Rozenn Grosjean

Rozenn is the brilliant artist behind Darwin’s Choice. With great passion and precision, she has realized our vision of Darwin’s Choice over 2.5 years. From the smallest icon to the box cover, Rozenn has drawn 100% of the illustrations presented in the game with her brush. It’s simply incredible what she can achieve with just a brush, some colors and paper.


Thank you to all backers

Darwin's Choice is not only the creation of our team, but also

to a significant extent the work of 3,248 wonderful people

that supported us on Kickstarter.