Week 10: Many things xD

08. February 2021


Please check your inbox and spam folder after reading this update, over 500 backers have not yet completed the Pledge Manager.The Pledge Manager is expected to close at the end of Februa.....

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Week 9: Pledge Manager Reminder

01. February 2021


Our Pledge Manager from “Gamefound” has been filled out by 72 % of all backers.Marc will send a reminder email on Wednesday to all of you who haven’t had time to take care of the Pledge.....

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Week 8: The Pledge Manager is live :)

27. January 2021

Hi Everyone,

In a few moments (5min), I will publish the Pledge Manager for P'achakuna and will send you all an invitation to your Kickstarter mail address. Please check your inbox.....

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Week 8 - Pledge Manager 95% ready / Get to know our products 😊

24. January 2021


Over the weekend I was able to finish the Pledge Manager. You will receive your invitation on Wednesday or Thursday.On Wednesday or Thursday, I will write a second update in which I exp.....

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Week 7 - Admin Work, a new TTS mod, etc.

18. January 2021


Last week I did a lot of administrative work (e.g., accounting :P)Alexei created a new mod for us on Tabletop Simulator 😊Johanna is still busy drawing - In the update I show two of her.....

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