Week 9: The 🦒 artwork is here :) + 1 question.

23. January 2023


  • We will use Gamefound for the Pledge Manager of this campaign.
  • Johanna finished the 🦒 illustration.
  • The look of the rainforest enclosure tiles was improved/enhanced.
  • What should we call the "Main Species"/"Additional Species" in the game?
  • The next update will be published February 6th. 

Hi Everyone,

How are you? In the last two weeks it got very cold here in Switzerland ❄️🥶 I preferred it when it was warmer xD But it's winter, so I guess cold weather is part of the deal. 

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who responded to my two questions from the last update. I think the two main messages we took away from this are (1) we will be using Gamefound for the Pledge Manager, which will happen in the next few weeks (2) we will not be using Funagain for US fulfillment xD 

Yesterday Johanna sent me the final giraffe artwork, I hope you like it as much as I do...


Nice, right? :D


One feedback we got from the reviews and also from playtesting was that rainforest and the other two biomes Temperate Forest/Mountains and Savannah are a bit too similar. The rainforest look just wasn't unique enough. Nina and I worked on this and I think our improved/enhanced rainforest look will make it clearer...

We added more palms/fern trees, more trees with flowers and made the ground color a bit more white/beige. The last small change will be that all "dark green" trees will get a lighter green and then I'm convinced that all three biomes will be clearly identifiable. In addition I will put tiny icons on all tiles (e.g. a small triangle for mountains etc.) so that also color blind players can identify them.

As previously announced, I'm also in contact with several distributors which are interested in Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game. These negotiations take time, but I'm optimistic that I can tell you more about this in the next 1-2 weeks. One thing I can already "confirm" is that there is a very high probability (95%) that Zoo Tycoon will get a Czech version of the game. If that's the case, we will tell you how you can let us know that you would prefer a Czech version for yourself (instead of English/German). Same for all other versions of the game that will be published. Just read the updates and you will always be well informed :)

Then I have a question for the backers who are native English speakers. In the game there are species that have their own animal card/meeples and species that are only available as cardboard tiles (in the game you can build mixed enclosures with these meeples and tiles = gives more Popularity, because these enclosures are more interesting for the animals and the visitors). Until now we have called these animals Main Species and Additional Species. Especially the second one I find suboptimal, because "additional" species can simply mean another animal species, i.e. another Main Species. That's why I'm looking for better names, especially for "additional species", but I'm also open to name both differently. I researched a lot and I found many great names for the Main species e.g. Main Species, Flagship Species, Core Species, Umbrella Species, Keystone Species etc. For the "Additional Species" I had the following ideas: Scenery Species, Secondary Species, Support Species, Enrichment Species, Minor Species (maybe together with Major Species?) Thematically I like enrichment species, because that's exactly what these species do they make the enclosure better/more interesting, but the name is very long and clunky (for me). All these names are O.K, but for me there isn't a perfect one. And that's the reason why I ask you, how do you like these names, which "pair" of names would you take and if you don't like these names, do you have a better idea? Thanks a lot in advance for your comments, emails etc. :)

As always, thank a lot for reading this update, that's most appreciated. The next update will be published February 6th :)

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel