Week 8: The Pledge Manager is live :)

27. January 2021

Hi Everyone,

In a few moments (5min), I will publish the Pledge Manager for P'achakuna and will send you all an invitation to your Kickstarter mail address. Please check your inbox and the spam folder because you will definitely receive this invitation! The email will be from "Gamefound" (see logo below). Please just follow the instructions, create an account, or log in to your existing account, manage your pledge and check out :) This normally takes less than 5 minutes! The faster we have this the faster I can get to organizing fulfillment and defining the final production quantities. Thank you so much!

First some important notes:

1) 1CHF:Backers who have not backed a "product" will also receive a Gamefound invitation and can increase their pledge there. If you do not want to increase or change your pledge you do not have to check out at Gamefound and can simply ignore the invitation.

2) The group pledges I organized in Canada and Australia do not have to check out either (they will not get an invitational email), because I already know your "central" address. If you want to add a product to your pledge, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will organize this for you outside of Gamefound.

3) Late Backers and other pre-orders via our website do not need to check out on Gamefound either (they will not get an invitational email), because I already have their shipping address.

4) Large groups that want to pledge together and have over 7 games cannot do so on Gamefound as we have a weight limit of 10kg. Please contact me directly ([email protected]).

5) Retailers will receive an email from me at the end of the week or at the beginning of next week at the latest with all information and a product brochure so that we can finalize these orders.

6) Backers from the Andean region (Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Chile) who could only support the campaign with 1CHF so far (because we do not have a shipping solution to these countries) should contact me with a mail to [email protected] Maybe I can organize something, but first I need to know how many backers from these countries would be interested in getting a version of P'achakuna.

Then to Gamefound - with the following explanations and screenshot I would like to give you a short explanation how everything works on Gamefound.

Red circle = Shopping cart, which is invisible in my screenshot xD

If you click on your invitation and logged in, you will see this screenshot i.e., an explanation text in German and one in English. Please read them :) (Short summary: Everything you chose during the campaign is already in your shopping cart, just click there and check out if you are happy with it).

If you want to increase your pledge and scroll down, you will see the following products

1) P'achakuna 39 CHF: Take this if you want one copy of P'achakuna e.g., if you want to raise your pledge from 1 CHF to one copy of P'achakuna.

2) P'achakuna 37 CHF: Take two copies of this P'achakuna "product" if you want two or more P'achakuna, because then you get 2CHF discount per P'achakuna as in the KS campaign. The product is 1:1 the same.

3)/4) Large Fabric Bag / Plush Llama (White): Here you can add large bags or white plush llamas to your pledge, which was not possible in the campaign 😊 in the campaign you could take a maximum of 1 bag and 1 llama. Here you can "theoretically" take as many as you want (please not xD).

5) Plush Llama (Black): A few backers wanted a black llama and Suyana could make this possible. We can "only" offer 200 of these llamas because we do not want to delay the whole process. If someone should not get one and absolutely wants one, then I will be able to solve this. Check out and send me a mail to [email protected]

6) If you scroll further you will get to the rest of our products, which I presented in the last update HERE :)

Then to the Checkout i.e., when you have clicked on the shopping cart in the top right corner 😊 Please be accurate here and do not make any mistakes! Please note the following important rules:

1) If you come from Europe but from language regions outside of English/German/Spanish/French e.g., Scandinavia, Eastern Europe then do not use special characters! Many European fulfillment centers have trouble with these and simply replace these characters with a "?" and such packages will most probably be returned. Just take similar characters e.g., instead of " Æ" take AE or instead of " Ł" just "L". This is not 100% correct, but better than a "?".

2) If you are from Asia you can use special characters i.e., write your address as usual. For mainland China, Chinese characters are even a must, packages with Latin characters almost never arrive!

3) Many fulfillment centers allow 2 name lines and 2 address lines. At Gamefound there is one name line and three address lines. Therefore, add a second name (e.g., if it is a company address) in the first address field that you do not need i.e., 2 or 3. Also important: Many fulfillment centers only allow 30-40 characters per cell. Actually, this is a lot i.e., 99% of the addresses fit in there. But there are always some backers with 2-3 second names or incredibly long street names etc. If you are such a person, then delete 1-2 of the second names or abbreviate your address if possible. Because otherwise I have to shorten them in the end, and I can do that definitely worse than you (most probably I don't speak your language).

4) Notes: Backers sometimes leave a message in this field for the delivery person. That is great, but many fulfillment centers do not allow something like that i.e., if it is something important, like the door code, add it to the third address line for example.

5) And one more small request 😊 if you live on an island, please write "Island" or "Insel" in the "notes" section. I do not mean that people from New Zealand or Iceland have to write this, countries are not considered islands but for example if you are from the island of Jersey or Crete or Mallorca, then please let me know. Because certain shipping companies charge high island surcharges. But if I know that it is an island, I can choose for these backers another shipping alternative, which does not have such surcharges. Nothing changes for you! (but for me xD) Thanks a lot!

That is it from my side 😊 Please send questions to [email protected] or ask them here in the comment section. But most questions should already be answered directly in this update. Thanks for filling the Pledge Manager out quickly and for reading this update!

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel