Week 54: The goods have arrived in the US 😊

14. December 2021


  • The US/CA goods have arrived at the fulfillment center in the US last week.
  • The goods for Asia & AU/NZ will arrive this week at their corresponding fulfillment centers.
  • Soundtrack of the Week: Pigeon John - Outta My Way 

Hi Everyone,

How are you? :) As usual in the last weeks, I will keep this update quite short. The goods for the US and Canada have arrived at the fulfillment center last week! Finally :D I was in contact today with the fulfillment center and there are only 2 smaller projects ahead of us and then they will send all P'achakuna packages. I'm especially happy that only two products were damaged (of a full container), that's a very good ratio. There are always damaged goods when you send stuff internationally, that's the reason why you always send 5% too much. 


One damaged copy of Tipping Point (we donate slightely damaged copies like this to social organizations) :)


And one damaged jigsaw puzzle box :P

That's already it! Have a great week and a wonderful pre-Christmas season! (if you have any questions, please send me an email to [email protected] or write a comment :) but please check the updates first, most answers you will find there ;))

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel