Week 16: Unique encyclopedia pages

29. March 2020

Summary of the update:

Dear Backers,

Again a week has passed and we were able to finish a couple of things in this time. For example, the unique introduction pages, in which the different classes of animals are presented, were made with a nice design. The unique pages were part of a stretch goal and we are happy that they are now also integrated in the encyclopedia. They give an important overview of how the different animal classes differ. All six pages follow the same structure:

  • There is an introductory text, which provides general information about the characteristics, adaptations, and distribution of the animal class.
  • The evolution of the animal class is described in a separate point and explains in a few sentences their relation to the other animal classes.
  • Four individual characteristics of each animal class are highlighted with separate points.

Below you can see an example. At this point it is important to know that the page has not been proofread yet and it’s just used to show the design. 


The other point that we have devoted a lot of time to this week is the proofreading of the encyclopedia. Many people already had a look at it, and we are extremely grateful for that. The final check, however, lies in our responsibility. As always, we pay special attention to every detail so that we can present you a flawless product. A detailed control of the over 170 pages requires a lot of care. However, I can honestly say that it is really fun to read through the encyclopedia. I am looking forward to the moment when you, our backers, can hold the book in your own hands and see for yourselves :)

Otherwise, the way to go is clearly defined. Next week, the final files of the encyclopedia must be handed over to our manufacturer so that the books can be finished in the same time frame as the games. While the products are going through the production, Marc will take care of the final setup of the whole fulfilment. During this period, we will also have time to prepare for future projects and events. For example, one of the next things I want to tackle soon is the organization of the SPIEL exhibition in Essen.

It was still unclear to us whether and how the exhibition would take place, and what a cancellation or postponement would mean for us as exhibitors. It was important to have those questions answered before we fully committed ourselves to the event. The answer we received from the organizers last week was very positive. They expect the event to run smoothly and in the event of a postponement there should not be any major financial consequences for us. Something we were very happy to hear. So now it’s up to us to set-up everything :)

Last of all, I would like to present you once again an animal video. This time it’s about the marine iguana, which is also present in our game and encyclopedia. They are amazing animals that graze in the sea. But the following video is not about their way of life in the water but shows what they are capable of on land. A little precaution for those that are afraid of snakes, there will be quite a few of them :)

The videography is truly impressive and in these difficult times we can all learn something from the little Marine iguana protagonist. Just keep going, in the end everything will be fine :)

We wish you all the best in these special times. Take care and stay healthy.

With best regards,

Samuel, Marc and Elio