TWM: Week 21 – The first puzzle is here :D

20. December 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had two great weeks! :) first, for all who have not yet submitted their name for our "Hall of Fame", this is the last chance to do this (HEREyou find the file where you can submit your name).

I know it's not Monday, but I have great news and I wanted to update you asap :) Yesterday I received the first two copies of our 3000-piece puzzles (the production was finished yesterday, but they already sent me the samples on Thursday). And to make it short, I love this puzzle XD Everything is exactly as it should be and we received exactly the quality we wanted. The box looks great, has beautiful colors and a very precise print. Inside you find two bags with 1500 pieces each and the poster, which shows the full artwork on the front (will help a lot with putting the puzzle pieces together) and on the back the names of all species can be found. The puzzle pieces are precisely cut, the shapes are (for me) very diverse, the print is on point (the smallest details are visible) and the cardboard is very strong/steady (you can't bend it). The pieces feel so high-quality. And the cherry on top is the beautiful pattern print on the back, so that you can also solve the puzzle in 4 steps. Trefl told me that we are the first ever doing this on a 3000-piece puzzle, nice :D Kudos to Trefl, they have done a fantastic job with this, I couldn't be happier! I hope I don't rise your expectations now to the sky, but to be honest, I'm confident that they will be matched xD (ofc I can't check all copies, but if they have the quality of these two samples, it will be great). I'm very much looking forward to organize the fulfillment in January and get your feedback on it. I gave one of the samples to my mother, who is very much looking forward to solve this in the next 2-3 weeks 😊

Here you can see some photos of the sample that I took myself (Important: Photos can never really depict the reality e.g. the colors are wrong; the lighting is bad… so don't have a too precise look at them xD what you will get is way nicer)


The front of the box :)


Back of the box (the nicest one I designed until now :)


Everything together :)


So many names!


Nice puzzle pieces :) they show even the tiniest details of the illustrations.


Puzzle pieces and the corresponding bird on the box :)

Now I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a good start in 2022. Samuel and I take two weeks off, starting this Thursday, so my next update will be published on Monday January 10th. If you have any questions during these 3 weeks, you can always post a comment or send me an email to [email protected]. I won't reply as fast a I normally do, but I will check my emails regurarly and reply to urgent emails (to all others I will reply once I'm back).

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel