TWM - Week 42: Finally, the goods have arrived in Orlando, FL! :)

13. May 2022

Hi Everyone,

Finally the goods have arrived at our warehouse in Orlando (FL)! Thanks again for the patience :) Today or latest on Monday all US/CA-Backers will receive an address verification email, please keep your eyes open for it. You then have 3-4 days to update your address (in case you moved since you provided the address to us). And if everything goes as planned the fulfillment center will perform the fulfillment during next week (it is "only" around 200 orders = won't take them long). All of you will receive a tracking number once their package has been sent (two numbers if you ordered a poster and a puzzle, because the poster is always sent individually). Canadian backers will receive the tracking number once the goods have crossed the border (we pay the GST/Customs as promised for you). Please check your tracking number regurarly and if there is a problem contact QML (the fulfillment center) asap. 

If you have any questions write a comment or an email to [email protected]

Have a great week!

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel

PS: Looking forward to your feedback once you have received your puzzles/posters :)