TWC Week 6: The Pledge Manager is almost ready

24. August 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend. If I believe the Swiss news the last hot summer day is over. Hopefully they are right xD then it will finally get a little cooler and we can work in the office again without fans and lowered blinds :D

Last week I continued working on the Pledge Manager. But since we had a problem with production planning for our next game and are perfectly on time with this project, I took the liberty of solving the production problem first and postponed the completion of the Pledge Manager until this week (no worries, we are still perfectly in time, the puzzle production won't be ready before the end of September). If everything goes well, you will receive a link from Gamefound (logo below) sometime this week, i.e. if you receive such a mail, it's not spam and should be opened by you (I will surely send you a Kickstarter Personal Message at the same time). On the main page of Gamefound you will find an explanation text, which explains everything in detail, i.e. how to enter your address, how to select your puzzles or how to add puzzles/games voluntarily. This form will take you a maximum of 5min, so do it right away. With "only" 500 backers this shouldn't be a big deal :) thanks in advance for filling out the form!

The Gamefound logo :)

As always, I have a very interesting animal video to share with you. This time I would like to tell you about the Helmeted Hornbill, a species of which only a few will have heard so far. It is part of "Tropical Rainforest" (Endangered Species Collection) and unfortunately like all the species shown (critically) endangered. In the video it is explained exactly why the Helmeted Hornbill is critically endangered. It makes me sad and angry when I see such documentaries (about poaching), but it is important to watch, because this is the reality we live in and only if you don't close your eyes you can make a difference. (No worries they don't show the poaching and only talk about it)

It's such a shame that all these species are (critically) endangered T.T

A video of Helmeted Hornbil

Then a small detail to finish, which I wanted to tell you 2-3 weeks ago, but somehow forgot about it :P In the Endangered Species puzzle "Tropical Rainforest" 72 animal and plant species are shown. When I created the list of animals 3-4 weeks ago (which is included in every puzzle box), I noticed that only 65 of these species are really listed as (critically) endangered in the IUCN Red list, i.e. 5 plants and 1 animal species are not listed (data deficit) and one plant is "only" vulnerable. When we did the research for the puzzle, we found sources that listed the species as (critically) endangered or even extinct. But the IUCN is usually cautious and reports a "data deficit" when data is uncertain, even if the species has not been seen for years. For this reason, the box now says "65 Endangered species" and not "72 Endangered species", I hope that this is o.k. for you.

Have a great week!

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel