TWC Week 5: Setting up the Pledge Manager

17. August 2020

Hi Everyone

I hope you had a good week :) Last week, to be completely honest, we did not work on the puzzles. But that's only logical, since the production files now have the "good for printing", we won't have anything to do with the puzzles until the end of the production. The only thing we have to organize until then, is the Pledge Manager and the fulfillment (= worldwide shipping). This week I will set up the Pledge Manager, so that sometime next week you will receive a link by email to enter your shipping address + choose your puzzles there. But I will explain more about this in the next week's update, so everyone knows what to do 😊

This week a backer asked me how jigsaw puzzles are actually produced? That's actually a very good question and I'm sure that most people don't know exactly how this works. I searched the internet for a long time to find an optimal video, which contains all details and I found one :D Since it is not a YouTube video, I can't put it directly into the update, but you can find it HERE ( The video is only 3min long but very informative. If you still have questions about the jigsaw puzzle production after watching it, you can simply write them in the comment section below. If we are lucky, I might even be able to show you some pictures of our production in October :)

Of course, I also looked for a great animal video. This week I want to tell you more about the Palm Cockatoo (Puzzle top left; Tropical Treetops). The video I found is very interesting. It's 10min, but really worth the time and deals with the topic "Palm Cockatoo" holistically, i.e. afterwards you will definitely have learned something 😉

Such a beautiful species :)

Video Of Palm Cockatoo

Now I wish you a good week and we will read us again in 7 days.

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel