TWC Week 4: "Good for print"/Box details :)

10. August 2020

Hi Everybody,

I hope you had a nice weekend :) Here in Switzerland it is really hot (32 degrees Celsius) :P I don't like that at all xD I am a man of the cold and melt at such temperatures.

This week we received from all submitted files the "good for print" links. You click on them and confirm one last time that this is the file you want to submit for production. Everything looked great i.e. we have confirmed all links and therefore we now can just wait until the puzzles are produced between mid-September and early October. In the next weeks we will set up the Pledge Manager, so that you can submit us your address and define which puzzles you want. From our perspective we are perfectly on schedule :))

Then I wanted to tell you what belongs on a puzzle box:

Front + Sides:

On each box, of course, you need the general information, i.e. the title, our logo, the artist, the number of pieces and the dimensions of the puzzle. (and in the case of the Wildlife Collection, of course, also which puzzle you have and where it belongs)

As you know since the last update, we are from Switzerland and therefore all our products are "Designed in Switzerland", because Switzerland stands for quality in the world (at least I hope that it is that way xD).


The "Choking Hazard Warning" is especially important for the USA, because if you have to go to court there, it will end unpleasant 😉

Then every product needs a unique barcode. So every product has a unique number worldwide. In the past you could buy these numbers, today you have to rent them for a very high price :P But, there are still millions of "old" unused numbers in the market, which you can still buy (about 15 CHF per piece) and that is exactly what we do. They work just as well, but are much cheaper and you don't have to pay monthly. The right barcode is an EAN barcode for the "World". The left one is a UPC barcode for the USA. It is 100% the same number, just the "0" at the beginning is missing xD

Then, as on every product, there is of course a "legal" text, i.e. a contact address, it says who owns the rights, that the product may not be copied, etc.

Then every product has an indication of origin, i.e. for our products "Made in Germany".

TRE-WC03 is the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) i.e. the internal name of this puzzle in our company. I.e. like a barcode, but shorter and actually only relevant for storage.

Then each product has a batch number, which in the case of puzzles is on the inside of the box. This is on the one hand the number the product has at the producer + some digits in the end (001) to show the "batch" number.

Also on the back of the box are our quality standards, i.e. FSC-certified (= cardboard / paper are exclusively from sustainable forestry; "mix" means that recycled material can also be used), carbon neutral (i.e. we offset all CO2 generated during production and shipping with the Swiss foundation myclimate to 100% with mangrove reforestation in Myanmar) and premium quality. We are self-confident about the quality, if you have received the products and do not agree, you are welcome to tell us. But as Swiss we are very careful people and would not write this on the box if we were not certain about it. In addition, we have seen this with puzzles that are created exactly the same way with the same producer and call their puzzles "Premium" (or "Top" or "High" Quality). In the end, this is simply important when a product is on the shelf, so that a customer knows about the good quality in the box. ("Designed in Switzerland" and "Made in Germany" are also helpful with that)

And this is all on our box :) I hope you learned something 😉

This time I found a very informative video about Cotton-top tamarins, which are shown in Tropical Forest (puzzle on the lower left). Unfortunately, these fascinating creatures are critically endangered. I really don't understand why anyone would want to have such an animal at home and not prefer to see them free and happy in nature.

Tamarins are soo cute :D

Video of Tarmarins

Now I wish you simply a great week!

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel