TWC Week 2: Submitting the production files :)

26. July 2020

Hi Everybody,

Did you have a good week? :) We worked hard on our puzzle-print files this week and submitted them on Friday! (Yes ^^) If all goes well, the puzzle production will be completed in 6-10 weeks :D I'm really excited to finally have these puzzles in my hands again and this time even in our/my own design.

For each of the 5 jigsaw puzzles of this campaign we had to create five production files…

(1) The puzzle itself is the simplest file, because it is actually just a picture in the right size and exported as PDF. The only important thing is that the file is 3mm larger on all sides than the finished puzzle (Puzzle: 680x480mm > File: 686x486mm). For this you have to know, that when you punch a puzzle the punching never happens in the exact same position, i.e. the punching moves a little bit. The maximum is 3mm in all directions (i.e. up, down, left, right). For this reason, you have to define an inner rectangle, which is 3mm smaller on all sides (674x474mm). Everything inside this inner rectangle is "safe" and will be shown on the later puzzle, everything outside, i.e. between the two bleed lines, can be in the puzzle or not.

You can see the external and internal bleed with the two thin pinkish lines at the edges :)

A picture is worth a thousand words ;)

Basically, all production files have such a bleed, i.e. also the puzzle box, the animal lists, but also e.g. board game components like playing cards, punchboards etc.

(2/3) Then each puzzle needs an individual animal list (front and back). I already told you about this in the last update :)

Front :)


(4/5) And last but not least every puzzle needs a box. With a box you always get a top- and a bottom-template from the producer. These are almost the same, except that the bottom middle part is two "cardboard thicknesses" smaller than the middle part of the top, otherwise the box wouldn't close :) and when you have these templates, you "fill" them with graphics, text etc. and of course make sure that everything important is 3mm away from the edges (here even 4mm), because otherwise it could be that the front artwork is suddenly displayed slightly on one of the sides. In the next update I will show you what is on the box in detail, e.g. the barcode, the logos, choking hazard icon, etc

The template :)

Front > I (ofc) deleted the green template lines when I exported the file, no worries ;)

And the bottom of the box :)

What you can "see" very well with my explanation is that we always design our products ourselves, i.e. we have no one to do it for us, these are all our ideas, our designs, etc. A box, for example, is quickly overlooked, but even these have to be designed, because they also contribute "something" to the overall product experience, even though the puzzle is of course the main attention. Therefore, the box receives exactly the same "love" as the puzzle :)

This week I have a great video about a kind of "symbiosis" of two species, bisons and swallows. Both species are shown in "Prairie and Desert" (puzzle bottom left). These birds are incredible architects.

I love bisons :)

Barn swallow > not exactly the species of the video, but it "counts" ;)

A Video Of Bisons