TWC Week 13: Fulfillment Update: Please read carefully!

12. October 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you had a nice weekend 😊 in the following update I will give you all important information about the fulfillment of this campaign. This update is a β€œmust-read” for all our backers, so please read it carefully. But first I want to show you the THANK YOU PAGE of this campaign, where Samuel has immortalized your name. If you have provided your name to us, you will now find it in this list. If you forgot to provide us your name, then please send me an email to [email protected]

And now as promised, let us talk about the fulfillment :)

(1) USA/CA:

Responsible Fulfillment Center: Quartermaster Logistics

Bulk shipping: It will take 6-7 weeks (around end of November) until the pallets have arrived at the fulfillment center.

Individual Shipping: Will start asap after the palettes have arrived.

Canada: Canadian packages will be sent on a pallet to Canada before they are sent individually > custom is paid by us (as promised).

(2) Australia/New Zealand:

Responsible Fulfillment Center: Aetherworks

Bulk Shipping: We will send the puzzles there with two large packages.

Individual Shipping: Will start asap after the packages have arrived. (During November)

(3) Thailand/Philippines/China/Hong Kong

Responsible Fulfillment Center: VFI Asia

Bulk Shipping: We will send the puzzles there with one large package.

Individual Shipping: Will start asap after the pallet has arrived. China and Hong Kong will have their puzzles definitely within November, the Philippines and Thailand can expect their packages in December.

If you belong to one of these three regions (1,2,3) you will receive an email with your tracking number once your package has been shipped (and before that, you will also receive an email to verify your address > Please check your emails regularly!). This email will also state who you can contact if there is a problem with your package. This means that first you should contact the fulfillment center in case of a problem with your package. If nobody there answers you or if you do not feel taken seriously, you can of course contact us at any time! (We will always take time for you) If you contact us, it helps us a lot if you describe your problem in detail and give us all important information (e.g. tracking number, name, address...).

Then to the last two regions.

(4) Europe without Switzerland:

Responsible Fulfillment Center: Ludopackt

No bulk shipping, individual shipping will start in the end of this week or in the beginning of next week directly from Germany. The closer you live to Germany the faster you will receive your package.

If you belong to region (4) I am your contact person, not the fulfillment center! In case of a problem always contact me. Two things are important:

  • (I) If you will move until the end of November, please provide me a "save" address e.g. of a friend, family member. Please do not forget this, otherwise high return costs will result and neither you nor us want to pay these.
  • (II) Please check your emails regularly this and next week. Because you will receive your tracking number! This is decisive for a smooth delivery.

(5) Switzerland and ROW (India, Israel, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico):

Responsible Fulfillment Center: We fulfill your pledge 😊

Bulk Shipping: We should receive the pallets this or next week and then fulfillment will start asap.

If you belong to region (5) I am your contact person! In case of a problem always contact me. Three things are important:

  • (I) If you will move within October (Switzerland) or in the next months (ROW), please provide me a "save" address e.g. of a friend, family member. Please do not forget this, otherwise high return costs will result and neither you nor us want to pay these.
  • (II) To all Swiss backers, you will not receive a tracking number. We all know that the Swiss Post is reliable :)
  • (III) All other backers in this region (ROW), I will contact every single one of you by email before sending your package to guarantee a smooth delivery.

In the following I would like to show you what you can do to support us in the upcoming fulfillment process:

1. How to contact us in case of a problem: If you have a problem, please send us an email to [email protected] or a Kickstarter personal message. Please do not write a comment, because the comment section is like our window and we do not want other backers to get insecure even if the problem is easy to solve. Additionally, the problem solution will always be performed by mail anyway, because you cannot give me your personal data (tracking number, address, real name...) in the comment section. As soon as you have sent us an email or message, we will give you an answer within a maximum of 24h. Normally we are even much faster in replying. If we should not answer you within these 24h hours (which will not happen), then please write a comment like "Hello Marc, I have sent you an email, have you seen it?", because an email can also get lost or land in the SPAM, but we always see a comment. If we do not get in touch with you within 24 hours (after this comment), you are welcome to express your displeasure in the comment section, because that shouldn't and won't happen!

2. What should you do when you receive the package? Please check the contents immediately and inform us within a maximum of 7 days if there is a problem e.g. the puzzle box is damaged, the puzzle box is empty or the "large insert sheet" with all the animal names is missing. Some of you will certainly have such a problem because no process is perfect. Ludofact has a remarkably high accuracy, but of the thousands of copies we ordered, 2-3 will surely be faulty. In addition, there is always the possibility of damage during shipping. If you want to report a problem to us, a detailed description including photos is definitely helpful. We will do everything in our power to ensure that all backers are satisfied in the end. But please do not report every tiny scratch that you would e.g. accept in your local puzzle shop. And no worries, if you put the puzzles together and notice a missing piece even after years, we will replace it 😊

3. We would really like to see more than just problems reported to us ;) Write us a comment (on KS/Social media) or email, when you have successfully received the package, when you have finished your first puzzle etc. We have invested much time time in this project. Positive feedback would mean a lot to us!

4. Of course we would also be incredibly happy about your feedback regarding fulfillment and product quality! This would be very helpful so that we know which companies we should continue to work with in the future.

As I said, I can simply promise you that we will always take your problems/questions seriously and will always answer you within 24 hours. So, if you write to us, please do not be "toxic"! Mistakes can and will happen, but we will find a solution for everyone, because every single backer is equally important to us!

In this update I want to tell you more about the fascinating gibbons :) (Tropical Forest; Puzzle lower left corner). I leave it to you which species you elect as the "king/queen of the canopy" (Week 10 – Sifaka, Week 11 - Spider Monkey or Week 13 – Gibbon).


If you have watched the video, you now know that this is a female Gibbon :D

How Fast Can Gibbons Swing Through the Forest?

That would be it from my side! I hope that everything is clear. Otherwise I will gladly answer your questions in the comments. Have a nice week and read you soon :)

With best regards,

Marc and Samuel