Llama, Alpaca, Guanaco and Vicuña ;)

14. November 2020

Hi Everyone,

How are you doing? Did you have a good week? :) we had a very good week again. We did not even reach the halfway point of the campaign and soon we will already reach 130'000 CHF :O that is just incredible, we are really happy with the result so far. Many thanks to every single one of you for being part of this campaign. It really means a lot to us!

Again, 2 stretch goals were reached, which means we are still making great progress every day. The next Stretch Goal is now at 150k and then only 3-4 Stretch Goals are left :) Also a big thank you to everyone who continues to spread the word about our campaign, i.e. posting on social media/reddit, talking about it on BoardGameGeek, talking with friends about us, etc. Every single one of these actions is especially important and can make the difference in the end, thank you so much! (If you need pictures you can find them HERE).

Actually I wanted to keep this update very short and just wish you a nice weekend xD but then it suddenly remembered that some of you can't tell the difference between llamas and alpacas and as a total animal nerd/geek I can't let that go ;) and that's why I searched like crazy for good pictures on the internet, with which I can show you all members of the "camel" family, because in this update you should really learn something xD

In principle, there are 7 representatives of the camelids (4 domesticated forms). Bactrian camel (domesticated and wild; two humps), dromedary (domesticated, the wild form is extinct; one hump), llamas (domesticated), alpacas (domesticated), guanaco (wild) and vicuña.

These can be distinguished by their body shape and of course by their size. Bactrian camels and dromedaries are gigantic and much bigger than humans. Then follows the llamas i.e. if you are "normal/standard" sized person and you are not sure if it is a llama or an alpaca, then there is a simple rule: If you have to look up, it is a llama, if you look down, it is an alpaca xD Guanacos are slightly smaller than llamas and vicuñas are the smallest and most elegant representatives.

Now you might ask yourself why it is possible that camels and llamas/alpacas/ vicuñas/guanacos live so far apart from each other (Africa/Asia vs. South America). That is easy, here you can see this explained by a great graphic. (And yes, there are Dromedaries in Australia, here you can read on Wikipedia about this :)

What is not quite clear is the exact relationship within the family, because there are two theories (maybe a biologist among you can tell me which one is the higher regarded one at the moment) I.e. one assumes that llamas, alpacas and guanacos are related and the vicuñas "stand alone" OR that llamas/guanacos belong together and alpacas/vicuñas.

But now to the distinction of llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas

Large and fluffy vs. small and fluffy (the Alpaca's fur is very "sheep"-like)

The faces look totally different :)

Llama - they are used for transporting goods (max: 30kg) + wool/meat.

Llama - They can have many different colors e.g. brown, white, black, grey and ofc any mix of these colors. They have long fur around their body/neck.

Alpaca - It's not possible to transport goods with alpacas they are too "weak". But their wool/meat is used a lot in the Andean region

Alpacas - Compared to the llama, their fur is fluffier and all over the body, except when they have just been shorn ;)


Guanaco - Redish brown fur (except for the white chest/belly) with a darkish/greyish face. They live in wild herds in the Andes.

Guanaco - These are very beaufiful animals :) their fur sometimes looks a bit fuzzy/shaggy.


Vicuña - These are very elegant animals, with long thin legs. Their fur in the chest area is incredibly fluffy and soft, because of this they were almost exterminated. Nowadays the local people catch them once a year in a controlled way and shave them in the chest area

Vicuña - Here you can perfectly see the very long and fluffy chest wool. Like alpacas, they have shorter faces than llamas and guanacos.

Test time XD

And now of course we have to do a test xD so test 1, from left to right, what do you see here?

And test two, also from left to right 😉 please write the solutions in the comment section below xD No there is nothing to win, it is all about honor :) do not disappoint me!

But now enough learned for today, enjoy your weekend 😊

With best regards,

Marc & Samuel

PS: This great book project asked me if I would give them a "shout out". It is a beautiful illustrated Latvian saga. The book looks really great, but unfortunately the shipping costs and prices are just too high (I already told them about this – maybe we will assist them in the future with other KS project). But the campaign is worth a look, something of this quality is not often seen on Kickstarter or in bookstores.