Fulfillment News :) Switzerland and other regions

28. Juni 2020

SummaryAll Swiss packages are on their way. ROW packages of region 5 will be sent this Monday.All Original Artworks will be sent on Monday.There is a slight delay with the bulk shipment to the US/CA.T.....

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Fulfillment Update and New campaign

21. Juni 2020

Nobis delectus culpa dignissimos earum voluptatem ut. Aut velit incidunt et architecto aut eum cumque. Repellat minima repellendus sit quidem ad...

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European Fulfillment / Cyber-attack on our website

14. Juni 2020

Summary:All pallets are on their way to the fulfillment centers. All packages of region (4) will be on their way early this week.Samuel and I received a copy of the encyclopedia and the expansion this.....

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Fulfillment has started/Our third campaign will launch June 16th

12. Juni 2020

Summary:The production is finished, the pallets have been shipped and the first backers have received their pledges.On Tuesday June 16th at 10am (Central European Summer time) our third KS campaign wi.....

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Important Fulfillment Update

07. Juni 2020

SummaryThe production has been fully completed last week.The fulfillment of this campaign will start this week. Please read this update, it is a "must-read" for all backers.Soundtrack of the Week:&nbs.....

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